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The God's Spanish Bingo v1

This is the outcome of when a robotics team gets bored at competition, one of the games we had was Uno so we made some rules.


The God’s Spanish Bingo is normally played with two Uno decks but can be played with one (how it was when we made it)


Points are tallied at the end of the game.

Player with the least amount of points wins (can be played in matches).

Card Value
[1-6] and [8-9] Face value
0 +100
7 -7
+4 -50
+2 -20
Reverse +20
Skip +20
Color +50
  • If the zombie apocolypse happens then all points are doubled.

Seven Zero

If you play a ‘7’ you must swap with another player or the center deck.

If you play a ‘0’ eveyone must pass their hand to the next player in the direction of play.


A stack occures when a player places a ‘draw 2’ or ‘draw 4’ or ‘color draw 4’ and the next player places the same card.

The player who cannot continue the stack must draw the sum of the cards.

A ‘draw 4’ or ‘color draw 4’ can be stacked on a ‘draw 2’ but cannot go back down to a ‘draw 2’.


A slap occures when a player puts down a card and another player has the same card in their deck. Said player will then slap the table (or what ever you are playing on) and places the card before the next person in line. If successful the turn then goes to player that ‘slapped’ and start the roatation starts with said player.

  • If you slap a skip you skip yourself.
  • You may slap yourself.
  • Slapping a reverse on a reverse will negate each other and the roatation contiunes as normal.
  • Slapping a ‘7’ requires both players to swap with someone else (determened by direction of play).
  • If a ‘color draw 4’ if played you can slap a reverse of the smae color, the player who played the ‘color draw 4’ must draw 4 cards.
  • You must slap the table lest you draw 3 cards, slap on yourself 6 cards.
  • If you slap the table without putting a card down you must draw 21 cards.
  • If you slap a ‘0’ you can choose 2 people and make the swap with each other.

Hands Up

A variation of The God’s Spanish Bingo but all the player’s cards must be face up on the table.


  • Youngest player is the dealer.
  • Each player get 10 cards.
  • Dealer chooses who goes first and the direction of play.
  • Game begins when all cards have been picked up.
  • You can choose to not play a card but you must draw one card.
  • Stacking is legal.
  • The first card of each player must be a normal number card that isn’t ‘7’ or ‘0’.
  • If sitting, once game has begun you may not get up, lest they forfeit the game.
  • You can choose to trade with the center deck.
  • The fourth delt card is the flipped card.
  • If a player has 7 cards all of the same color and that color is played, the player may put down all 7 in one go.
  • You are allowed to team up against another player.
  • Cheat
    • Playing two cards
    • Hiding cards
    • Playing the wrong card
    • Looking at another players hand
    • Hitting some ones hand to make them ‘slap’ the table
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