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A Dragon's Deal
How to Train Your Dragon

Hicca makes a deal and now she has to kill the Red Death or she will turn into a dragon. X-Jinxa-X's A Dragons Deal. Thx X-Jinxa-X for giving me this story.

AU: Genderswap, HTTYD-GS: Hiccup

Rating: T, Adventure, Romance, Chapters: 4

Alla and Taeh

A loli cat and a fox scientist, what could go wrong?

Rating: M, Adventure, Romance, Chapters: 2

Alpha and Omega: Uncovering The Past
Alpha and Omega

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back, but will she come back after she meets Caileb, the old Southern Pack Leader?

Rating: T, Comfort, Hurt, Mystery, Chapters: 7

Chelsea and Columbus

A girl in Zombieland is out looking for a friend, or someone who will talk to her. A face that doesn't have blood onit even. But then, she finds Columbus. Story not mine its a friends on Devianart named campbellsoup1549.

Rating: T, Horror, Humor, Chapters: 2

Deaths Emissary

Rating: M, Comfort, Horror, Humor, Chapters: 1

No Longer Cold

[HAVENT STARTED YET] A yandere Taiga!?! OH GOD RUN!!

Rating: M, Comfort, Horror, Humor, Chapters: 0

Random Ideas

[JUST TEMP] Just lots of random ideas that I get from time to time.

Rating: M, Adventure, Comfort, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Chapters: 0

Sisters In All But Blood
Alice Madness Returns, Bioshock

[WRITING NOW] Elizabeth stumbles upon her rift ability with the help of a mysterious cat and opens a portal to Wonderland.

Rating: M, Adventure, Comfort, Hurt, Mystery, Chapters: 0

The End
Alpha and Omega

Random Idea

Rating: T, Adventure, Comfort, Hurt, Chapters: 1

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