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A Dragon's Deal Chapter 3 - The Hunt

Hicca makes a deal and now she has to kill the Red Death or she will turn into a dragon. X-Jinxa-X's A Dragons Deal. Thx X-Jinxa-X for giving me this story. Female Hiccup.

Chapter 3: The Hunt

I managed to get away from Gobber once I was inside my house. I was so glad he didn’t come inside with me. I held my sketchbook, which showed a map of Raven Point, in my hand while walking around the area where I saw the Night Fury go down. I had tons of X marks on locations where I hadn’t found the dragon. I came up to another potential spot and held my breath. I closed my eyes, hoping to have found it. Once I opened them, I sighed.

Not a around dragon here.

I put another X and then angrily scribbled over the map. I put the pen in my book and put in it my jacket. ‘This was crazy! I must have looked all over the entire forest!’

“Oh the Gods hate me.” I said to myself. “Some people lost their knife or their mug. Not me. I manage to lose an entire dragon!” I smacked a branch, but it swung back and hit me right across my face. My hand flew up to my head and I felt something wet. I looked at my hand and saw a small droplet of blood.

‘Great…now dad would go ballistic over this.’ He always went crazy over any little injury.

I looked at the branch, angry at it. But then, I noticed that the tree was split down the trunk…like something crashed into it. My eyes followed the trail left in the dirt. ‘No…Could it really be that easy?’ I slowly slid down the trail and climbed up the little hill. I saw something big and black with wings and instantly took cover behind the hill. I slowly poked my head up and saw that it was the Night Fury and wasn’t moving. It was still wrapped securely in the rope and round rocks. With shaky hands, I quickly reached in for the knife in my jacket that dad always made me carry.

I took a deep breath and climbed over the hill, hiding behind a big rock for a moment. ‘Ok, just relax. I can do this…It’s just a dragon…a dragon.’

I peeked out from behind the rock and saw that it wasn’t moving. I stepped out and slowly made my way to i. “Whoa, I did it! This fixes everything! Yes! I have brought down this mighty beast!” I put my foot on the side of the dragon to make a victorious pose when it suddenly moved and let out a growl. I cried out and fell back against the rock, holding the knife out in front of me.

I held the dagger shakily in my arms as I walked up to the dragon. I crept up to the dragon and saw it look at me with its beautiful green eyes.

I took a deep breath. “I’m gonna kill you dragon.” I said, only half believing myself. “I’m gonna cut out your heart and take it to my father. I am a Viking. I am a Viking!” I shouted to the dragon.

It made another sound, but I ignored it. It looked at me again with those big green eyes. I shut my eyes and raised the knife above my head. I opened my eyes and saw it widen his eyes at me. It wasn’t trying to escape… it didn’t even struggle against the ropes that tied. It looked so scared.

I shut my eyes again, trying to burn the image of the dragon looking at me. I raised the knife higher and heard the dragon give in and lay its head on the ground. It wasn’t even resisting…I held the knife up forever trying to find the courage to kill the monster. But its eyes… there was something about its eyes that made me hesitate.

I rest my arms on my head and let out an angry, defeated sigh. I couldn’t do it. It was helpless and I had my chance, but I couldn’t do it. I stepped back and took in the damage I had done to this creature. All because I was trying to be something I’m not. I knew what I had to do. I walked up to the dragon and began slicing through the ropes that restrained it. The dragon’s eyes instantly shot open when he heard the sound of the ropes being cut.

“Don’t worry, little… err… dragon.” I said, reassuring it. Once the ropes on its wing were cut and the dragon’s scaly-skin started to bleed into my wound. And it hurt like acid being poured on your skin. Out of all of that I heard “Thank you deal maker.” He or she jumped up and flew off into the forest.

I sat up, my heart racing from blood loss. I wiped away my tears and slowly stood up, with the strength I had. Picked up my knife and started back to path. In less than three steps I felt all my energy leave my body as my knees went weak. I fell to the ground as darkness surrounded me.

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