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A Dragon's Deal Chapter 4 - The Deal

Hicca makes a deal and now she has to kill the Red Death or she will turn into a dragon. X-Jinxa-X's A Dragons Deal. Thx X-Jinxa-X for giving me this story. Female Hiccup.

Chapter 4: The Deal


An hour or two later my senses slowly came back to me. My eyes opened to the world, as I carefully pulled myself from the ground. ‘I’m still in the forest! Dad is going to kill me if I don’t get back soon!’ I thought as I saw the sun setting through the trees.

I start running towards the village trying to get there as fast as I could. Tree branches wiping my face as I run by. What I didn’t notice was the wound was healed over, but darkly colored.


“Hicca. There you are,” he stated, turning back into the house. She followed, scuffing her feet along the floor in a reluctant manner. “I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, I kinda have something important to tell you too, Dad,” I sighed. “I really don’t think I want to go into Dragon Training after all,” I say quickly.

Simultaneously, Stoick said, “I’ve entered you in Dragon Training..”

They both paused.

“What?” Hicca asked.

“Dragon Training. You’re entered,” Stoick conceded.

“Oh. Oh! Oh, no, Dad, that’s what I was trying to tell you, I…uh…” I try saying but can’t find the words. “I’ve kinda changed my mind. I mean, I’m not really cut out for Dragon Training, I think we both agree on-“

He interrupts me by giving me the axe, which fell to the floor right after.

“Dad, I really don’t want to fight dragons,” I tell him. “I’m no good at it.”

“That’s what the training part is for,” he replied, picking the axe back up off the floor. “You improve.”

“But I can’t kill dragons!”

“You will.”

“No, I really, really don’t think I will! I’m certain, actually!” I reply. He ignored the what I was trying to say. “This is not up for debate. You’re training.”

“But Dad, I just said-“

“You will train, and you’ll train hard. This is important Hicca, and it’s time you learned.”

“Are you even listening to me?”

“See, this,” he points at me. “Is the problem. I want it to stop, right now. The axe is to be your weapon during training,” he thrusts the axe at me. “Use it well.” I struggle with trying to hold the axe and stay upright at the same time. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I whisper to him, almost inaudibly. Still struggling with the axe.

“Good. Right, then I’m off. I’ll be back…probably,” he tells me, putting on his helmet and picking up his supplies.

“Yeah. And I’ll be here…” I said to him. As he opens the door and walks out of the house

“…I think.” I finished as the door shut. I let the bottom of the axe hit the floor. ‘I’m going to disgrace Dad and the family aren’t I.’ I think to myself.

I start walking up to my room to tiredly. I fall onto my bed thinking on what I’m going to do tomorrow at training. ‘This is going to be the worst month ever.’

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