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A Wolf And Her Son Chapter 1 - Pain!

Holo continues to live on after Lawrence's death years ago. She then finds Harry an inch from death in the forest near her house, she takes him in as and raises him as one of her own.

Chapter 1: Pain

Author’s Note: First chapter of the Random Ideas mix mash. The main point of this is that I get random ideas for stories when reading and I decided that I would make tiny stories or one-shots out of them.

This one-shot is a Harry Potter and Spice and Wolf crossover, and sadly I don’t own either of them.


It was all I felt as I laid on the forest floor. White hot pain. I messed up breakfast and Uncle decided to punish me by attacking me with a burning fire poker and his pelt, then threw me in the forest to die. The left side of my body has burn marks and my back is covered in welts.

The last thing before I blacked out from the pain I saw a beautiful women with brown hair and red eyes approach me with a sad but caring look on her face.

Moments Before

I watch from tree line as the thing, that I think is a human, get a younger beaten child from the back of its car and lay it down in the clearing.

As it gets back in the car and drives away I wait to see what the little one does. As I sit and wait I noticed multiple marks on the little one, some what appeared to be burn marks on the left side of its face and multiple hand marks on the back of its arms and neck.

I move to get a better view and realize that the little one was in pain.

‘Probably because of the older human,’ I think, ‘Why would someone do this to a child?’

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