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Alla and Taeh Chapter 1

A loli cat and a fox scientist, what could go wrong?

Taeh: “Both of my tails are but my tongue ain’t”

Alla: Well there goes the fucking PG thing Also I am actually RPing a character I made quite some time back that is a female/cat/assassin/oblivious comedic relief/loli “B-but… I don’t like being given a bath by others”

Taeh: “Well we’ll be taking lots of baths with each other”

Alla: “… You know I don’t take actual baths right? I clean my fur by licking it” Stares confused

Taeh: “Exactly what I mean” Smiles foxyly

Alla: Okay these characters; 1) need to be properly presented with names, gender, and race at least, 2) an explanation as to why they know each other “Umm… I don’t get it. Could you please explain?”

Taeh: “We’ll be cleaning each other quite thoroughly”

Alla: “Nya, Alla is so confused” Storms off frustrated, sways and flicks tail vigorously trying to gather her wits. Finally, after a moment of contemplation Alla quickly turns around and says “Well if you desire to bathe with me so badly then fine” Alla starts licking her own arm to begin cleaning herself even though she already did this earlier that day

— I didn’t get all of the text—

Taeh: “Let me rephrase that for you how do you want me to eat you?”

Alla: Blinks rapidly not quite comprehending the question. As the question begins to make more sense her ears flicker subtly and seem to grow slightly darker than normal while her tail twitches occasionally…Gasp Y-y-you mean… But… Right now?… I…” Blood rushes to her face as she exclaims and losses her ability to make full logical sentences

Taeh: “What better time than now?” He says while brushing his long tail under her chin

Alla: Her face glows red and she bites her lip “Well I suppose we could…” Shifts around somewhat uncomfortably “I-if you really insist… Just be gentle, it’s my first…” She looks to the left for a moment (seemingly to contemplate with herself), then she sits upright and nuzzles his neckWhispers Take good care of me… I am scared”

Taeh: “Then let me make the first move” He says then wraps his arms around her and pulls her in to a kiss

Alla: Try’s to get as close as possible, pushing her chest against him. She is entranced by the warmth from Taeh’s body and the pressure of the kiss. She wraps her small arms around his back and rubs her flat chest against his broad chest blushing madly and her brain forgetting to care

Taeh: Without breaking the kiss her lays her down onto her back, he moves his arms down and under her shirt and starts to massage her sides, slowly moving up then

Nuro: Walks into the room unaware, then sees Alla and Taeh in a less than innocent position locked in a deep kiss “…I-I-I… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING!?!?”

Alla: Ears shoot straight up and her head snaps towards the source of the voice. She finds herself looking at her bride in shock and absolute disbelief “I… He… But… It’s not-“ She is cut of by Nuro bursting into tears and running out of the room. Alla crawls out from under Taeh to chase Nuro to try to apologize and face a possible rejection from her love

Taeh: Confused from the shouting and from Alla rushing out from under him. It takes Taeh a moment to compose himself “Okay Alla, who in Ashala’s name is she and what is going on!” Taeh screams as he runs after the two

Alla: “That’s my waifu, remember! You were there when it happened almost 4 months ago when we were forced to get married!”

Taeh: “I thought that was fake, I mean it happened in Greece, one of us was dressed as Elvis, another was dressed as a member of Kiss, and I don’t think the guy was qualified to marry the two of you, to be honest I think he worked at a Red Robin. Or was that when we filled a dragon with four tons of crystal meth that Loki stuffed a cow with when he visited?”

Alla: “Soaryn wasn’t exactly the most orthodox priest ok!”

Taeh: “He may have not been the best but at least he’s better than Gabe who couldn’t count how many people where going to be there… At least he remembered the ‘;’ this time.”

Alla: “What does that have to do with our current situation!? Need I remind you that Nuro is a half-meta half-demon hybrid that can’t control herself under extreme situations and emotional outbursts!”

Taeh: “Just give her an angel’s star necklace, I mean it worked for Buwaro for all those years right?”

Alla: “A) I don’t know where to begin looking for it B) we don’t have enough time to look for it C) if we took it off Buwaro wouldn’t we have another problem in exchange for our current problem!?”

Taeh: “If need be I could have Eriylia give me a lift to go ask Snowy for hers while you deal with Nuro, or I can call Loki to bring some meth?”

Alla: “And you wonder why they rejected your application to become a dimensional guard. No, no, no, no, and no.” Kicks Taeh in the sjin to get him to stop running with her

Taeh: Before he got kicked in the sjin “HEY! That application form was perfectly sane.” He trips and falls from getting sjined, then rolls head over tail, over and over “Ow, ow, oww, ow!” He face plants the ground

Alla: Turns back to quickly get him back to his feet “How many times did drugs of any kinds come up? And how many arrests did you have to confirm for them?”

Taeh: Thinking, thinking… thinking “About 10 times and about 15 arrests?”

Alla: “How in tartarus do you call that sane!?”

Taeh: “HEY! That was only a few of the things I mentioned. Out of rolly pollies, skooma, meth, and dinners with Thor it was quite sane.”

Alla: “.. You put ALL of that on your application? Sometimes I wonder if you realize what comes out of your mouth sometimes. We have a job that doesn’t even officially exist and we do things that bring the laws of reality into question… and you put half of it into an application for a group of people that have devoted their lives to trying to prove what we do can’t possibly be reality!”

Taeh: “OH YAH. I forgot I had a job… what was it again, I forgot. Also I think no matter what we do we bring any laws of anything into question, I mean isn’t it what we do? Break reality and the 6 dimensions?”

Alla: “7… There are, but only 6 are confirmed. As for your job, ugh, how do you forget what we do on a regular basis after being my assigned team mate for 6 years! We are “The Department of Etherial Random Phenomenons” or D.E.R.P for short.

Taeh: Mutters “Yah the seventh is my pants” Normal voice “Wait if we have been team mates for six years how do I keep forgetting? And if we work for the government, what were we doing in Greece? For that matter how do I even remember Greece?

Alla: “I don’t know why you keep forgetting, it is the only thing you have ever had trouble remembering. We don’t work for a planetarly bound government, it is unofficial and therefore not bound by normal regulations. And why you remember Greece… I could even begin to tell you. We are supposed to be on vacation.

Taeh: “Wait we’re on vacation? When did that happen?

Alla: “We got here three days ago. You, Nuro, Tyr, and myself.

Taeh: “Whos Tyr?” Smilies oddly and says in an odd voice “Is it Loki?”

Alla: “No we didn’t bring Loki with us because of what you two did the last time we trusted you alone together… Tyr is your gender bender friend that you introduced me to like a week ago.”

Taeh: “Oh yah, him… Who’s he again?”

Alla: “I don’t know! You two have been doing your own thing seperate from Nuro and I.”

Taeh: “I need help or something because I don’t remember a thing. Also when did I go off doing my own thing?”

Alla: “I think it was right after we got our rooms set up that you two left… my memory of that night is really fuzzy… whats going on?” As they reach the door leading outside Nuro walks in perfectly calm

Nuro: “Oh! There you are Alliana my love!”

Taeh: “Um time distortion much? Either that or she found my DMT stash.”

Nuro: Looks up at Taeh and tilts head in confuzzenment while hugging Alla tighly “You know I don’t do drugs.”

Alla: “No, not time distortion. Memory manipulation of some sort. She never forgets anything, in case you forgot that too, meaning someone or something must have intentionally changed it. But the questions now are who, what and why?”

Nuro: “What was I forced to forget that made you two run down the hall?”

Taeh: “Nothing! Nothing at all!” Thinks for a moment… still thinking “The only person I know that can manipulate memories, that I can still remember would be Nyrena but I thought she left the country.

Alla: “How do you remember Nyrena, but not anything else?”

Nuro: “Stop ignoring meh!”

Taeh: At Nuro “Be quite Nuro I’m talking!” To Alla “Yah I think it’s because she was working on my mind that I can remember her, but I’m not sure.”

Nuro: “I wasn’t talking to you to begin with meanie. I was talking to Onii-chan” Sticks tongue out

Alla: “Just ignore him Nuro, it wasn’t anything too important. You just ran off suddenly and we didn’t know why” At Taeh “Isn’t that right Taeh? Thats what happened, isn’t it? Slight shift in tone

Nuro: “That sounds really strange of me to do-“

Taeh: Mutters “That’s what happened in your world.” Nornal voice “Yah you just ran off, we just followed to see what’s up. Ro what happened?”

Nuro: “Don’t call me that Pouts I don’t remember it to begin with so I couldn’t tell you. I must have had a daydream or something.”

Alla: “Well should we go and try to find your friend then Taeh?”

Taeh: “Well I’m sure you don’t want me to call you Nur now do yah?” Thinks about where to find Nyrena “Well the last person she talked to was Bastet so we need to go see her to find Nyrena.” To Alla “I think you’ll like Bastet, Alla.”

Alla: “Not her, the gender bender that you brought with you. He might be able to help us remember what has been going on for the last few days.”

Nuro: “Just call me by my name idot!”

Taeh: “No I will not call you by your name Ur. Okay but where do we start looking for it? Because I don’t remember.”

Alla: “You can’t keep track of the ultimate friend with benefits, but you can manage to locate countless underground drug dealers… Sigh

Taeh: “It’s what I do dearie, but I can also sell a piece of gravel in the black market for a good price thought, and please don’t ask why I’m poor even though I can do that.”

Nuro: Confused and questioning Taeh’s sanity again

Alla: “Anyway we need to find that thing of yours… Not the first one that comes to mind either.”

Taeh: “Okay we’ll go looking for it but the thing is I can’t remember where to find him.” Mutters “I need Nyrena’s help badly.”

Nuro: “Alliana~ Can you make meh a salad?”

Alla: “No I can’t Nurosira.”

Taeh: Confused as all hell “Why are you talking about salad, we need to figure out why Nuro lost her memories, whispers to Alla although if she does I think she will remember what we did and get angry again. But yah let’s find it.”

Alla: Ears flicker “I think we’ll be fine, tries to redirect the subject maybe it was just a daydream or something. obviously fake laugh”.

Nuro: “Your acting strange Alliana, are you alright?”

Taeh: Tries to cover for Alla “Umm.. Yah she’s um.. Fine… She’s just still trying to figure out why you started freaking out and then ran from the room for no reason.”

Alla: sigh of relief “Ya, you know how much I care about you dear~ Flickers tail back and forth to make a point It is only natural for me to be worried about you when you do something like that~” Gives Nuro a quick peck on the cheek and begins walking back to the room to make Nuro the salad that she said she wouldn’t make

Taeh: Confused as to why Alla left “Okay I thought we were looking for ‘it’?” “So Nuro, umm how have you been other than the freak out moment you just had?”

Nuro: Confused as to why Taeh is suddenly nice to her “Umm… I am alright….. I suppose. Why do you care?”

Alla: “Nuro you know he was just teasing you Licks Nuro’s ear to fluster her so that she will shut up he doesn’t try to be mean. Grins

Nuro: On the verge of feinting from embarrassment “N-N-N-Not ear! I mean h-here! I mean…” Feels Alla’s tail wrap around her leg and passes out

Taeh: Before she passes out Too Nuro “Okay, how was I teasing you? I was just asking if you were okay. And I’m caring… Sometimes.” After she passed out “Okay then never mind.” To Alla “Umm is she okay.”

Alla: “She’ll be fine. Maybe a small nose bleed but nithing serious.” Flickers her tail

Taeh: A short pause “Umm… Okay, so are you going to wake her up or no, because I’m sure we don’t want to carry her around.” PauseSigh This is going to be a long day.”

Alla: “Its alright, I will carry her too the couch” smiles, licks Taeh’s cheek, then walks down the hall and into the doorway. She stops for a moment and looks over at Taeh “If it was up to me… I would be with you instead….” walks into the room and closes the door half way

Taeh: Follows after her and opens the door and sees her laying Nuro down on the couch and gets her attention by knocking on the door frame “You do know you aren’t married right, 1) it was forced, 2) it was Soaryn who married the two of you, and 3) I thought we weren’t with the government.” Stops suddenly out of realization “How in the world did I remember any of that… Oh well just did.” Thank you gods :) “As about me an you if Nuro remembers what we did how are we going to explain it?”

Alla: “1) I wasn’t forced, I did it willingly because of the circumstances 2) you have a fair point 3) yes we don’t agree with the government, but they don’t officially know who we are and what we actually do…. Especially YOU! And if she does wake up and remembers then I will blame you” grin “and 4) I couldn’t do that to her.”

Taeh: “Now you probably don’t have any but do you have any meth or LSD? I’m going to need some soon.”

Alla: “Umm… No I dont have any and why will you need it? Now that i think of it, those drugs might be what is giving you those memory lapses.”

Taeh: “Well I’m going to need something to drug Nuro with when she wakes up so I can get away, and yah your probably right now that I think about it.”

Alla: “You are not drugging her. And if you did you would have me to deal with. You remember my nickname at D.E.R.P. right?”

Taeh: Shutters “Okay yah I won’t I don’t want to deal with you, and I do drugs remember so no I don’t remember. Was it bone breaker?”

Alla: “…. Really? Your the one who gave me the nickname! You called me Red Fur! And of course it stuck very quickly.”

Taeh: “Oh yah forgot ‘bout that… So what do we do now, Nuro fainted, I’m out of drugs and we don’t know where to find it.”

Alla: “Alla it fine, all i did was make her heart rate increase drastically. She isn’t used to intimacy. When she sees or experiences it she will do one of two things; A) she will try to run away, B) she will faint. She couldn’t get away because I wouldn’t let her, that left he with option B, which is a subconscious action. All I did was bite her ear and rub my tail up her leg.”

Taeh: “Okay but how long will she be out for or do we have some way of waking her up? The only way I know how is by drugging her, but you don’t want me to do that.”

Alla: “You wanted to drug her to put her to sleep! Nonetheless, she will wake up eventually…. just a matter of time, blood, and a little bit of magic” grins slyly and looks at Taeh who is obscenely confused as it is (Anyone who gets this wins a snickers)

Taeh: “Well drugs could wake her up, adrenaline for example, or do do you want me to plug her into an ink circuit and wake her up with a nerve response?”

Alla: “your not drugging her and that is final!”

Taeh: “Okay so we just sit here and wait?”

Alla: “Well there ARE other things that we can do too”

Taeh: “Umm is this the best time? I mean Nuro is out on the couch.”

Alla: “Not that you idiot! I meant figure out were the others Iare at!. … and nobody said we had to use the coach shyly

Taeh: “QUICK TO THE CABNET! Wait what? Fine then we’ll do that then.”

Alla: “I just said not right now! blushes and why the cabinet?”

Taeh: “Got to mark our territory.”

Alla: quite flustered now “w-w-wha… b-b… NYAA” punches Taeh in the stomach

Taeh: “OW! That hurt! That’s going to leave a scratch now, thanks!”

Alla: “It’s supposed to hurt and it would leave a bruise you idiot!” }:3

Taeh: “So… You going to wake her, because we need to go. And don’t give me the kitty face.”

Alla: “what are you talking about? “ feint blush, tilts head ~86.505279 degrees……….. Sneezes

Taeh: “Fine you want me to pump some drugs into her then!?! You’re the one who want to fix Nuro’s brain memory problem! Look at me you’re making me remember stuff!”

Alla: sneezes eight times in a row “pump her with drugs and I will make sure to torment you the next time I go into heat.” she glares at Taeh having completely thrown the “innocent act” out the window and burning it

Taeh: “Bless you^8. How would you torment me by being in heat, well if you pull off an ‘Ohio Heat’ think then maybe you cou….” shuts up “But yah you need to wake her up.”

Alla: “y are u so insistent on waking her up anyways?*

Taeh: BLAME THE PLOT! “I thought I went over this you wanted to fix her memory problem by getting Nyrena or do you want me to work on her brain while she’s out?”

Alla: “it is NOT that urgent and you are not working on her either!” suddenly makes a curious face “although I do wonder how she looks in a nightgown” giggles

Taeh: “Wait are you actually in heat or you just brought it up because to day you’ve been a bit dovy and I want to make sure she doesn’t remember what we did.”

Alla: “I don’t think I am in heat… Anyways, she can’t remember if she is asleep and if she does we can say she was dreaming snickers…. like you~ winks. and she could wake up at any time so you really should stop bringing it up”

Taeh: “Okay…. Then what do we do now?”

Alla: “I don’t know, chase yarn?” throws 5 pounds of yarn a Taeh

Taeh: “Well foxes don’t chase yarn… At least I don’t think they do?” Doesn’t see the 5 pound ball of yarn coming at him “Were are you going to find yarn, since you’re a cat I could go and find some cream yo Oughgets hit by ball o’yarn why you’d throw that!?!”

Alla: “They are yarn and they wet which makes them softer! how would that hurt you!?”

Taeh: “I DONT KNOW OKAY!” Turns on hand break

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