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Alpha And Omega: Uncovering The Past Chapter 1 - 2 Years

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back but will she come back after she meets Caileb the old Southern Pack Leader?

Chapter 1: 2 Years

Kerbces POV

“Kerbces, be a alpha and settle your brothers and sisters down for me?” mother said.

“Ok, mom” i answered and went off.

I went to my brothers and sisters and being the only alpha pup, I have to do a lot of physical and mental exercising to prepare for hunting. My being mom Kate an alpha and my dad Humphrey an omega is different, but it helped find many other wolves a partner.

“Will you five settle down. Mom wants you to save the instantly for dad.” I commented sternly.

“Oh, loosen up Kerbces we’re omegas, what do you expect.” Arein, one of my younger sisters.

“Yeah, you’re always so stern. Have a bit of fun.” agreed Vincent, the most hyper and psycho of the omegas, but everyone calls him Venus.

But before i could respond they all trampled me, that told me it was moms turn to hunt.

Humphrey POV

“Well see you around Garth” I added.

“Same to you Humphrey, and you’re getting better at hunting.” replied Garth.

I ran off and when I got to the den my five omega pups tackled me, and at the same time I quickly tackled and flipped them over.

“Hey dad” greeted Kerbces.

“Good morning Kerbces,” I replied “ how’s mom?”

“She’s sleeping still” Kerbces answered rolling his eyes.

“Hey you respect your mother… she goes hunting at sun rise and doesn’t come back till mid night” I snarled.

“Oh shut up… I know she does, but you haven’t even brought home a mouse leg” Kerbces snapped.

“I’m only a omega in alpha training, I’d like to see you try and kill a mouse” I yelled angrily.

Kate POV

“Kate wake up… hey Kate?” a voice said.

As I open my eyes I see Humphrey flying right at me!

Then faster than i could move, he landed right on me.

“Ugh, Humphrey… get… off…me” I said toppling both of us over.

“Good morning Kate” Humphrey greeted me slightly hyper, but still as cute as ever.

“Good morning Humphrey” I responded with a smile.

We nodded our head at the same time and i kissed him, so we can go hunting.

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