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Alpha And Omega: Uncovering The Past Chapter 3 - RUSHING

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back but will she come back after she meets Caileb the old Southern Pack Leader?

Chapter 3: RUSHING

“Humphrey wake up Kate’s missing!”, yelled a voice. At an instant I was wide awake and outside my den and was asking what happened. Eve, Kate’s mother, answered “Apparently Kate jumped on a caribou’s back and it knocked her in the head with the back of its head and she blacked out.”

“THEN WHAT ARE WE STILL HERE FOR! I’ll get Kerbces, Jet, Vincent, Star, Freden, and Arein. You get the other alphas.” I rushed.

“That is where I’m ahead of you.” Eve replied as I ran into my den.

“Everyone wake up your mother is missing!” I announced.

As soon as I finished talking they were up and wide awake.

“What happened!”, Freden exploded angrily at me.

“First off this is not the time to get pissed off at one another! Second I’ll tell you on the way to the search party… EVE YOU STILL OUT THERE!” I said hastily.

“Yes. What is it?” She asked. “I want ALL! possible wolves looking for her.” I ordered.

“On it, right away.” Eve replied and went off. “Kerbces you go with Eve.” I demanded.

For a moment he hesitated then ran off with out a word.

“You five with me.” I rushed.

Kerbces POV

“Hey grandma wait up!” I yelled. After I said that she flipped right around at me. When I got to her she sternly said “NEVER call me that again!” And ran off.

Lilly’s POV

“Kate… Kate… Can you hear me!” I yelled, but got no response. When I turn around I see Humphrey giving commands. I couldn’t remember him being so serious other than that one time…

“Lilly what’s the lead?” Humphrey asked me. Unfortunately we had none except that she maybe in the Northern Territory. When I told him he started flipping out, I couldn’t take the yelling, so I slapped him and ran.

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