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Alpha And Omega: Uncovering The Past Chapter 5 - News

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back but will she come back after she meets Caileb the old Southern Pack Leader?

Chapter 5: News

Aven’s POV

A familiar voice rang out, “Attention All! Alphas and omegas Kate has gone missing and I am ordering anyone and everyone to help find her.”

After hearing this I ran straight to my sister Katharane, but when I got there someone had beat me here when I entered my den my nephew… Kerbces was there.

“Oh, you’re hear I have some news for you…” Kerbces started, but I interrupted.

“I know … Kate is missing, I heard.” I commented. “But do you know how?” he questioned. “Well, let’s hear it then.” I said.

“It started with Kate going to hunt when she saw Lilly, she went to say hello and after that she went to her hunting post. But she ended up trying to kill the fastest caribou possible. When she went for the neck it hit her in the face with the back of its head and she passed out. The caribou were chased to the Northern Pack Territory and then they were lost. Baxx(with his neon green afro), Hutch, Cando, and Lilly went to Cyonis, the Northern Pack leader, and got us permission to search for her during day light only.” Kerbces explained.

Sproketz’ POV

“Sir, we found him… but, he’s not traveling alone.” My top alpha told me.

“Well who is he traveling with?” I asked in ferreted.

“We don’t know her name, but she is a skilled fighter… we think she is an alpha from another pack escorting him across borders.” He said.

As I sat then processing the information when out of now where my most annoying omega comes up and says “Manays.” (in a Latin act sent) and walks away without saying another word.

So we’re all standing there absolutely bewildered.

Finally I speak “I want all alphas protecting all around the border.”

The alphas replied and ran off.

Ious’ POV

“Ok, I order for the search to be in pairs!” Eve yelled so everyone could hear.(like she needs to XD)

The moment she finished talking I instantly went to find her Arein. Finally I found her… so, calm… so, sweet…so beautiful. The second I saw her I taped her on the shoulder, the moment she had turned around I kissed her on the lips.

“oh, it’s just you.” She said blushing.

“Yah it’s me. Who would it be your brother Kerbces?” I asked smartly.

“What was that supposed to mean?” she questioned, the she slid her paw across my face and I turned my head to let it slid off.

Humphrey’s POV

I walk up next to Eve. She turned her head and jumped 5ft away with fear in her eyes. I looked away from her and see Ious kissing Arein. I jumped off the cliff and rushed to her.

When I reached her I am running full speed ahead and punched Ious in the face and through him by his tail. The next thing I know Arein kicks me in the groin and whimpered… but she was laughed, “Parents.” And she rolled her eyes at me at me and left me there while she tend to Ious wound.

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