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Alpha And Omega: Uncovering The Past Chapter 6.2 - WTF

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back but will she come back after she meets Caileb the old Southern Pack Leader?

Chapter 6.2: WTF

Finally got around to copying chapter 6-2.

The paper was falling apart.

No changes have been made during the copying.

We got better over the years…

This is a author omake/crack/smut chapter.

I think he was on something while writing this.

Chapter 6-2: WTF

=[ ]=

P.O.V. Eve

“OK, SHUT UP!”, I scream and everyone falls silent. “Now as you all know the annual “Plug It in” festival is coming and Kate is missing…”

Baxx (with his neon green fro) runs in and starts to dance while singing, “That’s the way uh, uh I like it. UH, uh I like it.” Then he starts floating in mid air and… (sorry to cut you off but we are experiencing some technical/mental difficulties and are skipping a head. Please refer to your lunch for further information)

=[ ]=

P.O.V. Humphrey

“So, Luna… are you sure you want to go through with this.”, I ask.

Luna wanders around in a complete daze for a few minutes then all of a sudden starts acting super affectionate. The she answers, “Ya, howa bout we practice?”

I flinch and start to back away from her and in response she jumps on top of me and starts rubbing my testicals and purring. Then started rubbing her head against my neck whispering, “This is going to be fun.”

Luna then grabbed my penis and harshly and tauntingly stroked it, while keeping me pinned to the ground.

Then she flipped me on my back and placed her ass to my face and told me to lick her and tickle her with my tongue. I start to lick her ass and pussy, and stick my tongue inside of her finding it oddly arousing. While I’m licking her she’s licking me, rubbing me, sucking on me, and occasionally nibbling on me.

I start completely shoving my snout in her and she’ll twitch and start to gasp. After a little while shes turns around and rubs herself against my penis, then I thrust it in to her and pull it out and thrust inwards again, enjoying the agonizing tension of the muscular wall in side of her.

We’re gasping for air, rolling around on top of one another, shifting around in a awkward positions, while she shakes her butt increasing tension. Then finally I start to cum in her and thrust even harder uncontrollably and as I do this she screams and tells me not to stop. I keep cumming and thrusting in, into her slipperyjuicy warm puss and as I do so she starts to bleed and at this point I physically can’t stop. I grab her waist and get atop her back and just shove as much of myself I can fit into her as hard and ruthlessly as I possibly can.

She screams and yells as I finish her off.

=[ ]=

P.O.V. Haink

I start to hear screaming in Humphrey’s den and run in to find out what’s wrong when I’m stopped in my tracks and start to hear another sound as I enter a room, the juicy and slimy sound of cum as I find Humphrey’s penis inside of Luna. I slowly back out of the room mentally scared and unnoticed by either of them.

I can see why he wanted me to burn this…

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