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Alpha And Omega: Uncovering The Past Chapter 6 - News

Kate lost her memory and the Western Pack has to get her back but will she come back after she meets Caileb the old Southern Pack Leader?

Chapter 6: Dark and Light

P.O.V. Humphrey

“Humphrey! I need to talk to you”, Eve ordered me.

I walked over to her and waited for her to start.

“Humphrey, I need to talk to you about your parents”, she said calmly.

“Ya, I know. They died in a hunting mission”, I reply hastily. “I don’t have time for a story I have already heard.

“Humphrey, sit!” Eve commanded.

I slam my whole body on the floor of the den.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed.

“The story you know of is a fake”, Eve explains. “Your parents died trying to kill a highly wanted wolf from the South. Unfortunately I was there to witness it.”

“What was the wolf’s name? Did he die as well?” I ask.

“I can’t remember his name, but yes he was killed eventually before he could get to the North. At the time the North was restricted to all except those who were invited were allowed in.” she answered.

“No habla Español”, I reply.

“What?” Eve questions me baffled.

“I don’t speech Spanish.” I reply.

“In what language?” she asked.

“Spanish,” I answered. Then Eve walks out without another word.

P.O.V. Caileb

“We should take shelter for tonight.” I said.

“Ok. How about we go inside that cavern (tavern lol).” Answered the lone she wolf.

We walk into the cave and as we get in a fierce blizzard starts.

“So, now that we’re settled in, we have to come up with a temporary name for you,” I start.

“Like what?”

“Anything you want it to be.”

“Call me Rima then, and good night.” She finalized, and went to sleep.

P.O.V. Kate/Rima

I wake up in the cave to find that Caileb has left without me. I walk outside and wander around somewhat lost. About 20 minutes later, I find a stream full of fish, so I catch one to eat it.

“Finally I found you!” exclaimed Caileb.

“Really, you’re the one who disappeared when I woke up.”

“Sorry, I went looking for food,” he replies. “But it looks like you’ve out hunted me.”

I walk to the shade of a tree and rest until he’s ready to start moving again.

P.O.V. Sproketz

“Alphas of the Southern pack, assemble in to one huge escort and I will personally KILL them.” I ordered.

As the pathetic lot formed I wait for any clue as to which way to go. Nothing.

“Which way “sir”” asked the head of the group, there is a tone of anger or distrust in how he called me “sir”.

“North west of course… and… kill him…” I order calmly and softly.

The once great leader of the group starts to whimper and back up towards a ledge and stops. His attackers come in threes and once the three are wounded, exhausted or dead, another three take their place. After about 8 minutes he is dead and we leave.

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