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Deaths Emissary Chapter 1 - Confession

Chapter 1: Confession

I don’t know how to do this so I will just start by saying that I have problems… I feel I must confess to what I have done… my name is Carl Farsly and i live with my wife of two years in our quiet two bedroom house in Michigan.

Last month I came home from work early to find a strange truck parked in front of my house. I didn’t think much of it because the neighbors sometimes have guests over they don’t have enough room in their driveway so often times the person would be parked out in front of our house. So I walk to the front door and put in my key and unlocked the door. The second I walk in I hear a man’s voice coming from the bed room.

‘Maybe she left the TV on.’, I thought to myself.

So i started to walk towards the bed room and hear “Shit hide!”, then the sound of stomping around and a door slamming… I knew right then that it was not the TV. I don’t know what came over me i just filled with so much rage thoughts came racing through my head.

‘How long has this been going on, how many guys has she taken into my bed, how could she betray me like that?’

In my rage I slammed through the bedroom door to see Jane sitting there like nothing had happened. I looked at her and then glanced at the closet door which was slightly opened. I reached over and grabbed the giant hand made glass paper weight she had gotten me for my birthday. And started walking towards the closet Jane’s face loses all color as I swing the door open and see a stunned face just inches from mine. I smash the paper weight into the noes of the stranger making a loud sickening CRUNCH! As his noes shatters like a toothpick. He instantly drops to the floor covering his now bloody face. Jane screams and yells that she is going to call the cops on me. I couldn’t let her do that I didn’t want to go to prison for assault so i ran over to her and struck her in the side of the head with the weight. Her skull made a slight clunk sound as I knocked her down. She fell and busted her head on the night stand.

I froze realizing what I had just done… I bent down and grabbed her wrist trying to find a pulse. I couldn’t and she wasn’t breathing… I glanced up and saw blood slowing flowing from her skull… I will never forget the feelings that washed over me it was not fear, dread or regret… I felt pleasure and excitement it was like nothing that I have ever felt, it made me feel alive and I loved it. I was standing over my wife’s dead body and I felt great.

The moans of the man still in the closet brought me back to reality. I turned to look in the direction of the man he was now starting to get up. I dropped the weight. nearly missing Jane’s head. I turned and walked over to this stranger and kicked him as hard as I could in his gut he made a loud grunting noise as all the air in his lungs escapes. Te drops back down to the floor an I quickly kick him in the side of his head knocking him unconscious.

I wanted to feel that excitement again. No. I needed it. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him across the floor towards the basement and stopped at the top of the stairs and kicked him down the stairs listening to every crack and crunch of his body as he rag dolled to the bottom of the stairs. I calmly walked down and dragged him to the support poll in the middle of the basement and grabbed the duck tape sitting on the shelve above the washer and taped his hands around the poll then just to be sure he wouldn’t get away I warped the roll of tape around his body and the poll a dozen or so times and then I covered his mouth with one piece.

I Stood there thinking what should i do to this shithead. Then I got the most exciting idea. I ran back up stairs glancing at Jane still where I left her as I passed my room. I went into the garage and grabbed all of my favorite tools and my small gas grill. I brought them all down stairs and laid them out neatly and lit my gas grill and set the tip of a Phillips head screwdriver in the flame letting it get red hot. I slapped the man a few times waking him up. I wanted him to be awake for this.

He looked at me with fear as I grabbed my power drill and put in a fresh new drill bit on it. He was frantically looking at me and the drill he started to squirm and I could hear his muffled screams as I sat on his leg to prevent him from moving to much. I took the tip of the drill bit and sat it on his knee. I turned it on and slowly started to press down the bit grabbed his skin and twisted it before ripping. Once through the skin the bit went down a little further spraying blood everywhere. His muffled screams grew louder and more frantic. I had reached his knee cap and started slowly drilling into it. I was having so much fun. I was enjoying the combination of muffled screams and drilling through bone… I had started to get board of the drill so I pulled it out of his knee and quickly grabbed the screwdriver from the grill and jabbed it into the fresh hole.

The blood boiled and his flesh burned as I stopped his bleeding. I turned to look him in the face and said “The fun is just starting I don’t want you to bleed out before I am done.”, his screams turned to tears as I got up to select a new tool.

I looked over the all the tool and thought what one would be the most fun the exact o knife or the hammer. I decided to save the hammer for last and grabbed the exact o. I held it up to his terrified face and made my first cut from the top of his cheek to his chin only going deep enough to just graze the muscles underneath. Blood oozed out as I made my cut and his squirming caused it to be crooked. I slapped him his blood smearing across his face and my hand. “Hold still or i will cut off your balls and feed them to you”, I said looking him straight in the eye, but he kept wiggling so I just went on with my work. I started cutting right next to where I had started before and took it down to his chin connecting to the previous cut more blood oozed out. He now had an oval on his face.

I thought how hard would it be to rip someone’s skin off so I took the knife and slid it in the cut and separated about an inch of his skin from the bloody muscle underneath I grabbed it with a pair of pliers and began to pull his skin stretched as I pulled. I had to pull kinda hard before iI heard the ripping of flesh. He wouldn’t stop moving and he was kinda making it easier to tear off his skin. His blood was now poring from his face. Skin wasn’t the only thing ripping as I pulled pieces of his muscle were sticking to his skin and coming off as well. I finally finished and dropped the piece of skin on the floor. He was bleeding badly and would die before I finished my game if I didn’t do something quick.

I knew the screwdriver wasn’t big enough for this so I grabbed the small grill by the insulated handles and pressed the great of the grill on his face. It sounded like putting a cool steak on a hot frying pan. His bleeding stopped and i took the grill off. The great sticking and pulling as I pull it off his wound. I had missed a little bit and got his eye it was melted and oozing some kind of fluid. It looked like a sunny side up egg after you cut it with a fork… He must have passed put from the pain because he wasn’t moving. I decided that I was going to keep him like that and keep going on with my work. So I grabbed my hammer and started smashing his foot making sure to snap and shatter every bone in it.

I feelt even better than before, he wasn’t moving and making it harder to work. But he was still making small groaning noises. I continued to smash his foot. It had broken open and was in an odd shape, like when you squeeze a ball of modeling clay in your hand and then you let it go that is what his foot looked like. I continued to pound his foot.

After about 5 minutes you could no longer recognize it as a foot anymore. I was starting to lose interest and decided that i had had enough. I wanted to finish him. I sat the hammer down and grabbed my hatchet I slapped him a few dozen times and he woke up and looked at me not with fear like before but he looked at me like he had given up. That look pissed me off I ripped off the tape on his mouth and asked if he wanted to say anything. He just stared at me with his dull eyes and said nothing.

I swung the hatchet at his head sinking it into his skull he made a strange inhuman noise and then he fell limp……. I don’t know why but killing him was not as satisfying as when I killed Jane. Still satisfying but not as good…. I decided that i should go clean myself up… I turned off my grill and walked up the stairs. I went and took a quick shower. When i got out I was kinda tired so I walked to my room and laid down on the bed looking over the edge at Jane’s body.

I was about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on the door. I got up to go check who it was only to see two police officers standing at my door. I was not afraid I was actually vary calm…. Like i hadn’t just killed two people….. I unlock the door and the officer standing to the left said “Sir we got a noise compliant do you mind if we come in?” I didn’t care if they did I actually wanted them to come in the possibility of getting caught was extremely exciting. I invited them in and we stood no more than 8 feet from where Jane’s body was, I had even left the bedroom door open. The officers asked me if I was alone I told them I was and that my wife had gone out to the store and would be back in am hour or so. They said that they had gotten a report about screams and banging coming from my house. I told him that I had the TV on and was watching a movie with the volume up. They talked to me for a few more minuets and then left. I was kinda disappointed that they did not find the bodies….. It has been three weeks since that happened and they are starting to smell. I go on with my daily life like nothing happened. I am still waiting for someone to notice they are gone.

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