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The End Chapter 1 - Love is Gone

Random Idea

Chapter 1: Love is Gone

At the end of the movie Humphrey does leave Jasper Park forever, but her brings Lilly with him… during Kate’s and Garth’s marriage… as Kate backs away just before numbing noses she says “I… i cant” after that said Garth tuned happy.

Then Winston walks up “why can’t you marry Garth.” said Winston asked Kate.

“Because… I… um… i fell in love with a… Omega” said Kate,

As Lilly and Humphrey are getting on the train, Humphrey doesn’t know it but Kate was talking about him..

Back at the marriage Eve faints right next to Winston, and everyone is socked by it.

“I too am in love with a Omega” Garth adds in.

Just as a war was about to start Kate stopped it and asked..

“Do you know where Humphrey is” Kate said to Winston.

“Why… So you can marry him?” he said with a mad tone.

“Also where is Lilly at?” said Garth.

“Kate you go with Garth to go and find where Lilly is and on your way find Humphrey is.” said Winston.

Back on the train Lilly and Humphrey are about a half a hour in silence..

“Hey Humphrey?” said Lilly.

“What?” he said back.

“Where are we going?” Lilly asked.

“Back to Saw Tooth” Humphrey said.

“Is that the place where you and Kate were taken to?” Lilly said.

“Yes… why?” Humphrey asked

“Because Kate said it was beautiful there and after i herd that i always wanted to see it” Lilly said.

“Oh.. i think it is time sleep because it is a long way from here “ Humphrey said as he saw it was getting dark out.

Chapter 2


“Where am i?” Humphrey said in a black world.

Then Kate shows up in the distance.

“Kate?” Humphrey said “Kate!”

Humphrey starts to run to her, but she slowly turned in to Lilly. Then stops and screams, he wakes up and looks over and saw Lilly sleeping.

It was just a dream he thought to himself.

Kate and Garth got to the train tracks and then Garth smells Humphreys and Lilly’s sent.

“Kate, they are this way” Garth said.

“Let’s go” Kate said.

As they go down the land bridge Kate starts to cry.

“What is wrong Kate?” Garth asked.

“This is the way Humphrey and i took to get back home” Kate said crying.

“Don’t worry we will find them” Garth said

“Let’s find a place to stay”

“Ok” Kate said still crying.

Back in Jasper, Winston is watching the moon as Eve walks up.

“They will find them.. i know they will” Eve said.

“I know i just hope they come back alive” Winston said.

“Let’s go inside” Eve said.

“Ok” Winston said as he look at the moon one last time.

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