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Chapter I: Escape

Author’s Note

It’s been a while hasn’t it…

I have forgotten the plot and will be making a new one.

I also have yet to see the sequels and will never do so.

Chapter I: Escape

“What do you mean ‘you can’t marry him’!?”, my father Winston barks at me.

“I..”, I begin to try to explain what has happened over the last few weeks.

“I can’t marry her either, and I assume you can’t for the same reasons as I?”, Garth interjected, the later part aimed towards myself.

Quite shocked as to what his question implies I can only nod in response.

“Just what is going on here?”, Tony growled from behind Garth.

“Well..,” Garth voice trails off. “We both love Omega’s.”, I finish.

“WHAT?”, not sure who yelled that but right after chaos ensured.

‘This is where it all ends,’ I think to myself as I sit before the rails, ‘and there is nobody to stop me.’.

Off in the distance I hear the load roar of the train. The great beast that will take me away from this place.

“Humphrey? What are you doing?”, a small voice speaks out from behind me. “Leaving this place.”, I reply knowing exactly who it was.

There was a silence for a time.

“Can I come with you?”, Lilly replies back in the same small tone, “I don’t think I could stand being here any longer.”

“Do what you wish.”

There wasn’t much said after that till the train arrived.

“On my mark,”, I yell over the sound of it thundering past, “3.. 2.. 1.. NOW!”

We both leap forth and land easily in an open car.

It was a few hours before either of us talked. I was laying, thinking about what the future will hold, as the trees rush by slowly getting more temperate.

“Why did you decide to leave?”, Lilly spoke out from the other side of the train car, “I left due to someone I cared about.”

“In a way I left for the same reason,”, my voice grows hoarse as the memories of the past week resurface, “I tried every thing I could think of and nothing worked.”

“It was my sister wasn’t it?”

“Of course, but she’s marrying that xen Garth.”

“He’s not a xen!”, she snarls back.

“Are you sure he’s not a xen, I mean you were with him the entire time we were gone, something was bound to form, and he just left you.”

“Oh and how would you know!?”

“She did the same to me!”

She recoils and goes quite.

“Let’s just get some sleep and we’ll talk about this when. We get there.”

All I receive is the sight of her putting her head down.

Sleep came quickly.

Author’s Note

They’re on their way to Denali.

I feel like the train is used too much.

I might rewrite this and make then walk.

Also using Sona for other words.

Beta: N/A

Published: 29 1 18

Last edited: 24 1 18

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